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Best Places for Picture Windows in Your Home

Picture window with grilles in a living room

Picture windows, or fixed frame windows, are certainly appropriately named. Paired with a great view, they can easily look like they’re framing a painting or picture.

While they sometimes stand alone, picture windows are more frequently used in combination with other styles, particularly in rooms where you want to let in the fresh air and enjoy the view.

If you’re planning to replace your home’s existing windows or are designing a new home, choosing one or more low-maintenance, energy-efficient picture windows is a great way to create a unique look while letting in lots of natural light.

Key Features of Picture Windows

Picture windows have a fixed pane of glass that doesn’t open. Because they’re sealed shut, they’re less prone to air leakage than operable windows, but their larger glass panes can gain or lose some heat compared to an insulated wall.

Double- or triple-pane glass is especially beneficial for these windows. They come in many different sizes and are often used in tall spaces where the window is out of reach.

Most picture windows don’t use grilles and instead feature simple, sleek frames. However, homeowners who want a more traditional look sometimes add grilles for a timeless and charming design. Where you place picture windows in your home depends on its architectural style, the view, and existing windows.

Brick home with picture window, flanked by double-hung windows and shutters.

Living Room Picture Windows

Nothing makes your living room feel brighter and larger than a beautiful picture window. A fantastic design element, it adds incredible curb appeal to your home and lets your family and guests enjoy the view from the comfort of your sofa and chairs.

Family Room Picture Windows

Installing a picture window on the back or side of the house provides better sightlines, a terrific benefit for families with small children or pets who go outside to play. And when you combine them with casement and double-hung windows, you can enjoy both sunlight and ventilation.

Picture Windows in Bedrooms

With their many different size options, picture windows are a fantastic feature to include when designing a master bedroom retreat.

Pair them with double-hung windows and create a cozy haven complete with a window seat where you can enjoy awe-inspiring views while ventilating the room. Ideal for second-floor bedrooms, picture windows also:

  • Bring abundant natural sunlight into the room
  • Allow for passive solar heating
  • Balance design elements in a large master suite
  • Look great with or without window treatments

Choose Zen Windows for Picture Windows in Columbus

Brick ranch home with two picture windows in frontAffordable, energy-efficient, and fully customizable, installing one or more picture windows in your Columbus, OH, area home can instantly boost its appeal and benefit your home in many ways.

Whether you use them to create a large window wall or pair them with other ventilating window styles, they’re the perfect choice for homeowners who want lasting beauty, durability, and cost-savings from their replacement windows.

Zen Windows Columbus offers beautiful replacement windows that can completely transform a home, and we do it without the high-pressure sales tactics other companies use. If you’re in the market for stylish picture windows for your Columbus, OH, home, we have exactly what you’re looking for!

Contact our team to learn more about your options. 

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