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Sliding Glass Door Installation in Columbus, OH

Secure & Easy-to-Open Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are the perfect addition to homes around Columbus. We are ready to help when you want to add sliding glass doors to your patio or porch, or replace your existing sliding glass doors. At Zen Windows Columbus, it’s always the right time to use these doors to enhance your living space.

Our sliding glass doors feature shatter-proof glass and enhanced thermal performance that will bring comfort and security to your home. We carry the highest-quality brands and materials so that our clients can enjoy safe, secure, and reliable sliding glass doors for as long as they own their home.

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Customized Sliding Glass Doors in Columbus, Ohio 

The team at Zen Windows knows that no two homes are created the same. From the size of the frame to the color of the siding, we can customize the sliding glass doors we install on your home.

Our customization services include traditional or contemporary frames, decorative glass, and glass coatings. We can add patterns, paint the frame to match your home’s trim, and put everything from grid patterns to etchings in the glass to reflect your interests and personal tastes.

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Advantages of Installing New Sliding Glass Doors

Shatter-proof safety glass ensures that your glass patio door won’t pose a safety risk in your home. This advanced patio door technology protects your family against intruders and the occasional accident. Moreover, aluminum seals, engineered stiles, hook-over locking mechanisms, and other features ensure reliable protection against the elements and anyone who may attempt an unauthorized entry.

Sliding glass doors also offer superior energy efficiency and sound protection. Our doors feature composite gaskets and glazing that protects against noise pollution and UV rays. On the hottest days and the coldest nights, your patio door will protect your home against thermal heat gain and heat loss.

Finally, sliding glass doors provide an unobstructed view of the yard. This is perfect for watching children or sitting back and watching the clouds roll by. Moreover, by allowing more natural light into your home, you will improve the ambiance and atmosphere for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Other advantages that our clients enjoy include:

  • Easy-to-Use Operation
  • Extension of Usable Outdoor/Indoor Living Space
  • Custom Sizing to Fit Existing Frame
  • Enhanced Security
  • Easy Blending Into Existing Home Color and Design

To receive a fast, FREE, and accurate quote for sliding glass doors in Columbus, contact Zen Windows at (877) 583-0423.

The Zen Difference

We believe that every sliding glass door should be safe, affordable, and manufactured to the most exacting specifications. At Zen Windows Columbus, our professionals have a thorough understanding of the latest window technologies and installation techniques. This allows us to offer and recommend reliable products, all backed by lifetime warranties. We don’t need to rely on pushy sales tactics because the products we carry speak for themselves.

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