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Window & Door Replacement in Bexley, OH

three casement windows installed in main living room

Bexley, Ohio, is a close-knit community that takes pride in its beauty and superior quality of life. You’ll find many historic and well-built homes in Franklin County, especially in the Bexley area. If your historic home still has its original doors and windows, you’re likely due for replacement. 

Window Installation in Bexley, Franklin County, Ohio

Well-maintained windows can last more than 20 years. Most of our properties are more than 50 years old, so you may be looking at your home’s second or third set of replacement windows. This time, you can get it right: Zen Windows Columbus windows have a lifetime warranty. Our fiberglass and vinyl windows are guaranteed, and your warranty is transferrable.

Your Bexley window installation professionals offer a stress-free process and affordable pricing. Energy efficiency and a higher property value are standard with fiberglass and vinyl replacement windows from Zen Windows Columbus installations.

Replacement windows installation is not a DIY job. If there are damages to your property due to a DIY remodeling project, your insurance company can deny coverage.

Zen Window Styles in Bexley, OH

Most window companies say they require an in-home visit. During the visit, they upsell. They also say they need a down payment today, or the price may go higher tomorrow. Are you tired of that kind of hassle? You deserve better.

Zen Windows Columbus has the technology to provide a quote without a home visit. No down payments are needed. You pay nothing until your project is completed.

All Zen Windows energy-efficient replacement windows are customizable:

Energy-Efficient Windows in Bexley

You’ll never compromise quality for affordability with Zen Windows Columbus. We have the highest-quality windows in Ohio.

You can choose from:

  • Karma (double-pane)
    • High-performance Low-E coating
    • Intercept® warm-edge spacer system
    • Thermal gas layer
  • Nirvana (double-strength)
    • Certa-Force balance system
    • Foam insulation-filled frames
    • Intercept® warm-edge spacers
    • Low-E glass coating
    • Reinforced stainless steel frames
  • Lotus (top-of-the-line)
    • Double-strength glass
    • Low-profile tilt latches
    • Super Spacer® warm-edge sealing system
    • Triple-pane glass
    • Two high-performance low-E coatings
    • Ultra S™ glass system

Door Installation

Zen Windows Columbus doors take beauty and home security to a higher level. The energy loss from your older exterior doors could be substantial. Because our doors are ENERGY STAR®-certified, homeowners can qualify for a federal tax credit. You could see lower monthly energy bills almost immediately.

Our energy-efficient entry doors practically pay for themselves. Zen Windows Columbus door types include:

  • Entry: Stylish, attractive security, strength, and durability
  • Patio & sliding glass: Top-quality construction, easy to use, and space-saving beauty for a room with a beautiful view (yours!)

Entry Doors in Bexley, OH

A replacement entry door in Bexley is high on the list of home improvements that increase your property value. The enhanced curb appeal is substantial, and energy savings are measurable with a Zen Windows Columbus entry door. Our doors are superior but don’t forget the importance of professional installation.

We recommend Zen Windows entry door installation because:

  • A bad fit can lead to energy loss and compromised security.
  • If you damage your entry door with DIY installation, it may void its warranty. Plus, many DIYers get halfway through a door installation and realize they don’t have the right tools, and it’s taking too long.

Patio & Sliding Glass Doors in Bexley and Franklin County

Patio doors can provide natural sunlight, and they’re perfect for keeping an eye on kids in the backyard. You never need to worry about security with Zen Windows patio doors:

  • Double-lock maximum security systems
  • ENERGY STAR-certified glass doors with low-E glass, weather-resistant UV glaze, and thermally isolated frames
  • Easy operation eliminates the swing space needed by most doors

You’ll have lots of finishes and colors to choose from with Zen Windows Columbus patio and sliding doors.

Bexley’s Best Windows & Doors: Zen Windows Columbus

If you’re planning a renovation project that includes replacement windows or doors in Bexley, you’ve got a lot to think about. With no-hassle quotes, no money upfront, no it’s-got-to-be-now pressure, you’ll discover the Zen-like experience Franklin County homeowners are talking about!

Zen Windows’ reputation is built on exceptional customer care and high-quality products exclusive to our windows and doors. (Lifetime warranties are your first clue.)

When’s a good time for a replacement window project? The Zen Windows professionals believe the perfect time is when you’re ready.

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