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Bay Window Replacement in Columbus, OH

Enhance Your Columbus Home’s Curb Appeal With A Bay Window From Zen Windows

Bay windows are some of the most popular windows in Ohio. You will see them on almost every street and every cul-de-sac in the state. They create additional usable space within the room, and more importantly, they convey a timeless beauty that withstands trends and time.

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At Zen Windows, we offer high-quality bay window products that we purchase from the nation’s most trusted manufacturers. Coupled with our commitment to quality and superior workmanship, we will deliver a flawless installation that your family will enjoy year after year.  

We encourage you to contact Zen Windows Columbus for more information about the beauty and benefits bay windows will bring to your home. We also offer free online quotes!

Understanding Bay Windows

Bay windows create an arced or boxed polygonal projection outside your home. This arc can be used for shelf or seating space. They are perfect for rooms where you have a view you want to enjoy as you read your favorite book or gather with family and friends. 

Most bay windows feature a single, large picture window, but they can also have a fixed window in the center. On either side of the central window are two smaller windows. These side windows can be either fixed or operable, depending on your preference. Often, clients opt for casement or slider windows to enjoy additional ventilation as they rest and relax.

While it is true that bay windows take up considerable space, they also create considerable space within the bay itself. Moreover, it’s possible to create a bay window that’s perfectly sized for your needs and the room’s size, which allows you to maintain balance within the area. This makes it possible to install bay windows in living rooms, dining rooms, home offices, and more. 

Advantages of Bay Windows

Father holding book for son and daughter in front of a bright bay window with dog at their feetWhen discussing the advantages of bay windows, the view is always the first thing our clients mention. Whether it is a view of the landscaping or the lake in the distance, our clients spend hour upon hour marveling at the view from their bay window. These windows also allow natural light to flood into the home. This makes the home itself feel larger and more inviting.

Bay windows also provide a unique, comfortable space to rest and relax. Many clients enjoy reading, talking with friends, or simply taking a nap in their bay window. When coupled with ventilation from side windows, it can be very restful sleep, indeed.

Finally, bay windows will enhance your home’s appearance and curb appeal. This translates to a significant boost in home value that is often equal to the cost of installation. 

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What Is the Difference Between Bay Windows and Bow Windows?

You are not alone if you confuse these two windows. Indeed, they are very similar. Bay windows feature a single large window that is flanked at the sides by two smaller windows. Bow windows can have four or more window panes that are usually the same size, which creates more of a bow than the arc that distinguishes bay windows.

Zen Windows Is Ready to Install Bay Windows in Your Columbus Home

The team at Zen Windows Columbus is happy to provide you a free quote for bay window installation or replacement. We offer a no-money-down guarantee and encourage you to get a quote online or call us at (877) 583-0423 when you are ready to enjoy the myriad of benefits that bay windows will bring into your life.

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