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High-Quality Casement Windows in Columbus, OH

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Casement windows are an exceptional way to transform any room without breaking the bank. If you’re in the market for a window upgrade that will improve your home’s ventilation, security, and natural light, casement windows may be the choice for you.

To ensure the proper installation and ability to get the most out of your casement window, leave the project to the professionals at Zen Windows Columbus. Our team has been delivering astounding results to the Columbus community since 1998, so you can rest assured knowing you and your home are in great hands with us.

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How Do Casement Windows Operate?

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First seen in Britain and Germany, casement windows are one of the first movable window designs. These windows are attached to one or more hinges on the side and feature a hand crank that allows you to push the window in and out, much like the motion of a door opening and closing. French casement windows, a popular choice in the U.S., are structured with two panels, similar to French doors. Although casement windows are similar to awning and hopper windows, the difference is the location of the hinges — awning and hopper windows feature hinges on the top or bottom of the window, as opposed to the sides.

In addition to the hinges and crank, casement windows feature several other parts that allow them to operate properly:

  • Frame: Where the window secures to the wall
  • Casing: A decorative molding that seals the frame to the wall
  • Sash: Often made from a variety of materials, this piece holds glass panes in place
  • Stays: Additional hardware that ensures the windows are supported from all of the elements
  • Latches: These also add more security to your windows

Pros and Cons of Casement Windows

There are an array of pros and cons of casement windows one should consider before scheduling an installation.

Casement windows have many benefits that anyone can enjoy. A wonderful pro of having casement windows installed in your home is increased ventilation — casement windows open wider than more traditional windows, maximizing the circulation of fresh air in your space and even lowering energy costs as well. Another perk is an expanded range of view; the way casement windows are designed results in an unobstructed viewpoint from inside. Lastly, a must-have feature of casement windows is added security; because these windows latch on the inside, it is much more difficult for unwanted guests to break in.

Although the list of benefits of casement windows is extensive, there are a few cons as well. One potential issue that may arise is the lack of exterior space that could result in the window being prohibited from fully opening, so it’s important to ensure an adequate amount of space for your window to function properly. Casement windows might also be a bit pricier than a more traditional design, although the payoff is worth the investment.

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