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Energy-Efficient Window Installation in Columbus, OH

The ROI (return on investment) for replacement windows in central Ohio can be as high as 78%. Zen Windows Columbus replacement windows can increase your property value and reduce monthly energy bills, so they practically pay for themselves.

You may be eligible for tax credits with ENERGY STAR® rated Zen Windows installations. To learn more about energy-efficient replacement windows, contact Zen Windows Columbus or call today!

What Makes Replacement Windows in Columbus, OH Energy-Efficient?

energy efficient Picture Window Installation & Replacement in Columbus, OH

Zen Windows Columbus vinyl and fiberglass replacement windows are designed to keep the heat out and allow sunlight inside to brighten summer days. They will keep the warmth inside and the cold outside during winter.

Isn’t that what all windows do? Yes, but some are better than others.

Energy-efficient replacement windows use materials designed to minimize the transfer of heat. Our windows feature a double-glazed glass pack with an intercept or foam spacer between two panes of glass.

Our replacement window glass is treated with a low-emissivity coating, reflecting heat generated by infrared light and allowing sunlight through. Energy-efficient window frames and sashes are also built with materials that limit heat transfer.

Replacement Window Materials Make A Difference

The Zen Windows Columbus difference isn’t just about our superior customer care and hassle-free quotes. Compared with other window materials, our energy-saving replacement windows last longer, are easier to maintain, and extremely attractive.

Aluminum and steel windows are often designed so that the frames and their sashes are mechanically connected with screws or nails. These joints are weak links. They gape and allow air and rainwater into homes.

Our energy-efficient windows fuse the vinyl in the frame and the sash with heat to weld the seams together. The natural settling of a house might flex and loosen an older window. Still, a welded frame and sash design will withstand movement and provide a barrier against the elements.

Wood is wonderful, but it’s also higher maintenance and has a shorter shelf life than the two best materials for replacement windows: fiberglass and vinyl.

Fiberglass windows cost more than vinyl, but they’re stronger. They are equally as energy-efficient as vinyl but more eco-friendly because fiberglass can be recycled at the end of its lifetime.

Vinyl windows deliver amazing quality. Zen Windows Columbus vinyl windows have a lifetime warranty. They’re the most affordable option with advanced features such as:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Added security

Let’s discuss your home improvement project! You won’t compromise quality for price with Zen Windows Columbus. Call (877) 583-0423 or contact your local window professionals today.

Hassle-Free, Fast Quotes

Most window companies say they “have to visit” your home before they can make a final quote. And during that visit, they upsell. The materials may not be what you wanted, and the price may be higher than you planned to spend. Plus, they need a down payment the same day, or the price may go even higher.

Thanks to technology, we can provide a quote without the hassle of a home visit. With Zen Window Columbus, there’s no stress, no upsell, and no upfront down payments, either. You pay when the job is complete, and you’ll actually know the price upfront before you commit.

Best of all, you’ll never be locked into a certain style because our replacement windows can be customized for your home. We offer:

To learn more about our door or window replacement services, contact Zen Windows Columbus now. Ready to get started? Get your free quote today.

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