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Hopper Window Installation & Replacement in Columbus

The Ideal Window for Basements & Bathrooms

Zen Windows proudly offers hopper windows to our clients in Columbus. These compact windows feature a bottom-hinged system that facilitates superior airflow in bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. These windows are ideal for rooms where full-sized windows aren’t possible or practical. This is why you will often see them installed in basements and bathrooms.

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Hopper windows offer a fast and effective method for flooding a room with natural light and fresh air. This can make smaller rooms feel larger and more comfortable. Adding hopper windows to your home can enhance your living space and improve your quality of life.

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Understanding Hopper Windows

You are correct if you think that hopper windows are similar to awning windows. However, there is an important difference that distinguishes hopper windows. These windows are hinged at the bottom and usually open inward from the top. By comparison, awning windows are hinged at the top, which allows them to open outward from the bottom.

Hopper windows are specifically designed to introduce as much light and airflow into dark and stuffy rooms as possible. When desired, they can be coupled with classic double-hung windows or even above doors to create a unique and distinctive appearance.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Hopper Windows

Installing hopper windows brings additional light into otherwise dark and dreary rooms. It increases ventilation, and the natural light adds a comfortable, enjoyable ambiance to bedrooms and bathrooms. Moreover, because the windows’ weatherstripping creates an airtight seal, hopper windows are some of the most energy-efficient available. Moreover, they can open inward or outward because of their design, which further helps add a little extra space to cramped quarters.

As with other designs, there are some drawbacks. Because of the way hopper windows open/close, they can allow for rainwater, debris, and insects to enter the home or fall down the siding. When opening inward, they can push drapes and curtains aside. Finally, because the latch is on the top, it can be difficult to reach. 

FAQs About Hopper Windows

What are the main advantages of hopper windows?

Hopper windows are easy to open and clean, and they offer superior energy efficiency.

How large is the average-sized hopper window? 

Hopper windows are available in a wide range of sizes; however, our most popular size is 2’x2′.

How expensive are hopper windows to install? 

Many factors influence the price of window installation, but in general, they can range from around $250 on the low end and over $750 on the high end.

Zen Window Installation & Replacement Services

The team at Zen Windows is always ready to answer your questions about hopper windows. We will give you the straightforward, honest answers you are searching for. We don’t rely on high-pressure sales techniques because of our products’ quality and the superior services we offer speak for themselves. 

As always, we offer a no-money-down, double-warranty guarantee. It’s part of our pledge to go above and beyond your highest expectations. Whether you need new windows installed or old windows replaced, we guarantee that we will provide the reliable, trustworthy window services our clients expect from Zen Windows.

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