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Picture Window Installation & Replacement in Columbus Area

Picture windows are large and create a comfortable, relaxing ambiance within the room. These large, fixed-pane windows are typically made without glazing bars, which creates a beautiful, unobstructed landscape view.

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Their simple, humble design makes it easy to install picture windows that blend into any home’s exterior aesthetic. At Zen Windows in Columbus, we can install new picture windows or replace old and worn picture windows without any difficulty.  

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Advantages of Picture Windows

Picture windows are perfect in any home. They are a popular choice throughout Ohio, and you will see them on practically every street in the state. Picture windows offer numerous advantages that include filling the home with ample natural light. Because the windows can be custom-built to any shape or size, installing them with minimal adjustment to the existing frame is possible. 

Because of the large surface area, picture windows make it easy to use natural sunlight to heat your home in the winter months. This can reduce your heating bills while helping ensure your home feels comfortable and cozy when the temperature outside is cold and chilly. Finally, because the windows don’t open or close, they require very little maintenance. This also makes them more cost-effective and less expensive to install than casement windows and other options.

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The Basics of Picture Windows

Picture windows are similar to fixed windows. Both are designed to allow plenty of natural light into the room and maximize the view of the landscape outside. And, both fixed and picture windows can be built in a wide range of sizes. Fixed windows create a more modern, contemporary appearance, while picture windows are better suited to creating a more classic aesthetic. As with other windows, picture windows can be installed with wood, vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum frames. This makes it easy to install a picture window that blends in and matches other windows in the home.

Of course, the type of glass matters in any window. At Zen Windows, we recommend Low-E glass for homeowners in Ohio. This high-performance glass is designed to maximize energy efficiency throughout the year. It is ideally suited for the region’s seasonal climates and can help you save money whether it is hot and sunny or cold and snowy outside. 

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Zen Windows does not charge a down payment for picture window installation. We don’t get paid until you are 100% satisfied with the finished result. Our team places a premium on customer satisfaction, and it shows with the quality workmanship and superior service we provide our clients in Columbus, OH. 

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