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Slider Window Installation in Columbus, OH

slider window installationSlider windows add a modern, sophisticated look to any home. Their compact design saves space while allowing abundant light to fill your home. Easy to open in any weather, they make ventilation a breeze. Slider window designs are unobtrusive, highly functional, and energy-efficient. This makes them ideal for every room in the home. If you enjoy unobstructed views and the ambiance of natural light filling your home, you will fall in love with slider windows.  

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The Basics of Slider Windows in Central Ohio

Slider windows are capable of functioning either horizontally or vertically. Depending on the design, one or both of the sashes are designed to glide past the other. Each section of the window fits snugly within an aluminum track that facilitates a smooth glide when opening or closing the window. 

Because the panes glide rather than opening outward or inward, they are a perfect match for homes where space inside and outside the home is at a premium. They won’t get stuck on furniture, won’t catch on shrubbery, and won’t get tangled in the drapes or blinds. Moreover, because of their simple design, they require considerably less maintenance than crank-operated casement type windows.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Slider Windows

Slider Window in ColumbusSlider windows are available in practically every size. This makes it easy to find a window that fits into your home’s aesthetic without having to remodel the frame to make it fit. Their sturdy design makes them structurally sound and also means that they won’t obstruct the view. They are also easy to maintain and even easier to clean. Finally, slider windows’ simple design also makes them less expensive and more cost-effective than competing choices.

Of course, as the saying goes, if you want fresh flowers, you have to endure a little rain. There are also some disadvantages to slider windows. Slider windows don’t provide as tight a seal as casement windows during high wind conditions and blowing rainstorms; this can also make it easier for dust to collect on the aluminum track. Further, the design means that they may rattle a little during a heavy storm. 

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Slider Window Installation & Replacement from Zen Windows Columbus

We take great pleasure in helping our clients choose the windows that are best suited for their home and lifestyle. Our goal is to ensure that our clients enjoy as much natural light and fresh air as they desire. When you reach out to the Zen Windows team for new windows or window replacements, you can rest assured that we will provide you answers and advice you can depend on. We proudly offer a no-money-down, double-warranty guarantee so that you can enjoy worry-free windows in your home.

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